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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas in the Family Room

December. Time to change the decor. Instagram is igniting the beauty of the season. But...can I even attempt to make my home resemble those I see?

I sit back and take a breath--time to think gratitude. Thankful that I have a home to call my own. Thankful to have made changes this year to it.

I am loving all the white I've added since last Christmas--the white bookcases that flank the fireplace and the white sofa. It certainly gives me the ability to create color combinations of any I can imagine. Red, white, and black are the dominant colors. I have added buffalo check ribbons to the tree and the fireplace.

Target dollar spot had several buffalo check items this year and I purchased the tree garland. I like the way it plays off the fireplace.

Gingham pillows were an easy addition and I found those on Amazon. I like that they have zippers so I can easily store the covers. The other pillows I found at TJMaxx. Seems like buffalo check is in style as Old Navy even had blanket/throws so I grabbed one of those. My puppy loves the cozy flannel feel of it. I do too!

Seeing the red truck decor does bring back memories of searching for that perfect REAL tree. This pillow cover was a steal from Decor Steal! I found the truck and tree at Hobby Lobby and with the 50% off it was quite a reasonable purchase.

Next year I may move to a more neutral decor. But this year I need the brightness!

I did pick up a few Santa Clauses to place around the room. Some belonged to my mother and others I found on EBAY. These are the Possible Dreams Santas that are released each year. 

My favorite is this one with the American flag! Proud to be an American!

Merry Christmas from my family room to you!

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Little Touch of Fall

It doesn't feel like fall in the least since we are still hitting in the 90's every day. This is very unusual for East Tennessee. However the temperature outdoors I am beginning to add a touch to the indoors.

I picked up some new drapes at World Market that have beautiful autumn colors. I (don't hate me since I am a Vols fan) really have orange as my least favorite color. I dislike it. I don't incorporate it into my home or my wardrobe. I am amazed that these drapes made it into my dining room. The orange is contrasted with aqua which is one of my favorite colors so maybe that is the reason!

The drapes will stay until time for Christmas decor. But for now, fall is arriving!

I added a beautiful table runner I found at TJMaxx. It is perfect for bringing the colors across the room. By adding some silk flowers to the dining table inside the aqua colored vase it is a welcome change to the spring and summer decor.

Our dining room is open concept with the living room and kitchen. I am happy that it serves our family daily and isn't a seldom used space. Excuse the table setting--we are empty nesters so only two place settings are needed.

I was able to dry a few of the hydrangeas this summer. It is interesting the different tones that arrive after they dry. The darkest orange ones are my limelight blossoms. It was only planted about a month ago so I don't know if that is the reason or if the 90 degree days have taken a hit on them. I may purchase some cut hydrangeas at the grocery to dry a few more.

I pulled the RaeDunn mugs that have a somewhat fall or Thanksgiving theme. But, ya'll, this temperature is ruining my craving of Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

I have the ingredients in the pantry just waiting on a temperature drop! Can't wait!

This fall I am enjoying the new white painted cabinets and hardwood installed floors!

Yes, it is fall ya'll!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

DIY Chalk Paint Project

When the need arises, making my own chalk paint became a priority. Recently the kitchen update began with hiring out painting the oak cabinets to white. The contractor used SW paint in West Highland--a creamy white. I blogged about that project here.

I decided to change the color of the side board from Annie Sloan graphite to the same creamy white.

The dark cabinet did make the white pottery and dishes pop. However, I am on a white and light kick!

The first purchase I made was Annie Sloan pure white--I was sure that it would do much better than Old World White that I had used. 

It was quickly apparent that Pure White is pure white. No cream involved! 

I already had a quart of Behr paint mixed in SW West Highland. Several months ago I had purchased Calcium Carbonate (powder form) from Amazon. I was too scared to try it out! Sure, I had read it was much cheaper to make chalk paint. With the realization that I had the materials to possibly attempt the correct match I googled and watched several YouTube videos. It looked easy. And it was. I quickly made enough to put on a first coat of West Highland chalk paint.

I did need to purchase another quart of Behr flat paint because I had used most of the quart before this latest project. It was $14. Yes, $14 for a quart. And I mixed two cups of paint with a couple of tablespoons of the calcium carbonate with WARM water. I think I was apprehensive because I envisioned lumps. There were none. I mixed the water and calcium carbonates and stirred with a paint stick. I poured it in the two cups of paint and stirred again. Probably a minute of work!

The only difference I did use is that I topcoated with General Finishes satin top coat rather than waxing. I figured if this was a project gone bad or worse--it would be easier to try something else if I didn't apply wax.

I can't say enough about mixing chalk paint with the desired color you wish and hope for!

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Signs of Spring!

After the cold and dreary skies of winter, spring is always so exciting in Tennessee. March and April have been a bit different this year. The rains of spring seem to be taking a break. This gives time for outdoor work!

That first project was  putting out 50 bags of mulch. Thank goodness that Lowes and Home Depot both had sales of $2 bags. My little Honda Accord was making several trips to pick up a trunk load at a time.

When I purchase the Boston ferns I truly feel as if warm weather is here! Again, I was thrifty and snagged several of these beauties when Home Depot ran a one day $5 sale. I don't think I've ever found them that cheap!

The hostas are beginning to spread their lovely shades of green. Grrr-what would spring be without dandelions? I see one that wanted to add a little color to my bed.

And I talked Mr. Spouse into a geranium basket instead of a lily at Easter. I would much rather enjoy this beauty all summer long!

Dogwoods are in full bloom! We have a few of these beauties that grew from seeds apparently as we didn't plant them! They are so, so pretty!

Even the front door is showcasing Spring's new life!

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