Sunday, April 5, 2015

Master Bedroom Week 1

Gotta have some ch-ch-ch-changes to the bedroom. Boring, boring, boring.

Everybody Loves Raymond--famous bedroom furniture. Not available. Nope--so over the years I decided to search Craigslist and pick up some of this furniture. Well, we did. We traveled over several nearby states--spending a long Saturday drive to pick up several pieces from different homes. We got the bed and dresser in Kentucky. The armoire in Georgia. The nightstands--I don't remember as we have about four different kinds.

I debated about how to refinish these pieces. I went back and forth between General Finishes gel stain and Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I decided that chalk paint was the way I would go but I would mix my own. So...I ordered Calcium Carbonate from Amazon and waited for it to arrive. I knew I could mix my own in the color I wanted. But--in the time it takes to arrive I did what all of us probably do--I changed my mind. I knew the chalk paint would be much easier because I could work on a couple of pieces at a time and basically have them finished in a day. The drying time was so quick! I had finished other pieces in it.

I liked the look of this but didn't want two toned. Also I really wanted the furniture to look as if it was made this way--smooth finish. I already had the General Finishes in two different shades--Java and Nutmeg. I debated again and again and again before settling on the Java. I have used it before.

When I did the dining room furniture I had read that the sock method of applying was the way to go. Whew--a lot of work. After reading some blogs I accessed via Pinterest one caught my immediate attention. They had used a brush! A regular cheap brush to do their kitchen cabinets. So--I started with the bedside tables using the brush method. I thought if it didn't turn out I could always borrow socks from Mr. Spouse. I dropped by Dollar Tree and purchased several of their brushes. I love them. They are so soft that I figured "why not"?

I liked it! I loved using a brush. It took only two coats (I probably was applying it a little heavier with the brush). So in reality--each project was going to take three days. First coat with drying 24 hours. Second and FINAL coat and letting it dry 24 hours.  Then I could easily apply a couple coats of poly in one day.

I was able to move the bedside tables to our guest room in order to complete those. This didn't disrupt our sleeping arrangements. The smell--not so much!

The next pieces I did were the dresser and armoire. I removed all the drawers to the guest room to work on those. I just had to move the dresser out a bit --but we could still sleep in our bedroom. Same three days of work/drying times.

The last project was the BED. Well--that meant we had to sleep elsewhere. We do have another guest room on the downstairs level to use. I have to admit I hastened the drying time of the bed. I applied the first coat and let it dry 15 hours. Then...I went ahead and applied the second coat late that night. I got up super early the next day and applied two coats of poly. Mr. Spouse didn't have to leave quite so early for work that day so he was able to get the mattress and box springs back on the bed so I could "put everything back together" during that second day.

I am now ready to decorate. I haven't decided what to do. I am just enjoying the minimalist look for now of a darker stained bedroom!

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