Friday, November 21, 2014

Bathroom Remodel Progress

  1. Demolishing our ugly bathroom was swift and quick! It was strange to see the bathroom gutted and no tub, vanity, closet, toilet.
Day 1 was demolishing. Day 2 was framing out the new tub/closet area and installing the cement board around the tub.

By Day 3 I was getting antsy. It seems we have had a parade of different people in and out of the house by now. My dog goes absolutely crazy when someone comes. So, by Day 3 I am sick of the barking dog.

Day 4 was a cold, cold day so the tile installers took the day off. Day 5-6 was..the weekend. No barking dog, but no progress either.

This week the real action began. The tub was placed and the tile around the shower was installed up to the mosaic glass tile. It had to set overnight due to the weight of the tile that would be installed above the strips of glass tiles. The floor cement board is of a thinner variety so the tile on the floor was down also! I am beginning to see progress!

The next day the tile installers finished the tile above the mosaic strip and grouted the floor. The vanity and toilet were also installed on that day.

The next day the grouting was finished and the plumbing was reattached. We still aren't able to use the bathroom yet. We still have the ever ending parade of mudding, letting it dry overnight, remudding, closet door install, etc.

Hopefully tomorrow will finish the REMODEL! I anticipate caulking and painting. I haven't heard which of the crew will be installing the shelves in the closet but I can wait on that. I will be able to move my things back into the bath, shower, wash my hair, etc. I use this bathroom and my spouse uses the one off the bedroom. It helps not to disturb him because I awake before him.

The one disappointment in the project is that the room size didn't grow. It is still the same size! But it looks so much better!

Pictures of a finished project soon!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bath Remodel

Tomorrow is the day I've been dreaming of!  Gut the bathroom day! Can I get an AMEN?

Out comes the almond colored sink, toilet, fiberglass tub/shower combo!

 Out comes the "our first try at laying tile" floor. Out comes the 80's vanity.

I had already begun to strip the room of the decor. Gone is the mirror, pictures, shower curtain.

In goes everything "New".

I haven't decided on whether to use glass shower doors on the tub/shower combo or not. We are having a small linen closet enlarged but it doesn't allow room for a separate shower.

I am not sure of the paint color I want to go with either. I know it needs to be a light color. 

Tomorrow will be a "loud" day. My puppy doesn't like loud noises!

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