Wednesday, July 6, 2016

DIY Chalk Paint Project

When the need arises, making my own chalk paint became a priority. Recently the kitchen update began with hiring out painting the oak cabinets to white. The contractor used SW paint in West Highland--a creamy white. I blogged about that project here.

I decided to change the color of the side board from Annie Sloan graphite to the same creamy white.

The dark cabinet did make the white pottery and dishes pop. However, I am on a white and light kick!

The first purchase I made was Annie Sloan pure white--I was sure that it would do much better than Old World White that I had used. 

It was quickly apparent that Pure White is pure white. No cream involved! 

I already had a quart of Behr paint mixed in SW West Highland. Several months ago I had purchased Calcium Carbonate (powder form) from Amazon. I was too scared to try it out! Sure, I had read it was much cheaper to make chalk paint. With the realization that I had the materials to possibly attempt the correct match I googled and watched several YouTube videos. It looked easy. And it was. I quickly made enough to put on a first coat of West Highland chalk paint.

I did need to purchase another quart of Behr flat paint because I had used most of the quart before this latest project. It was $14. Yes, $14 for a quart. And I mixed two cups of paint with a couple of tablespoons of the calcium carbonate with WARM water. I think I was apprehensive because I envisioned lumps. There were none. I mixed the water and calcium carbonates and stirred with a paint stick. I poured it in the two cups of paint and stirred again. Probably a minute of work!

The only difference I did use is that I topcoated with General Finishes satin top coat rather than waxing. I figured if this was a project gone bad or worse--it would be easier to try something else if I didn't apply wax.

I can't say enough about mixing chalk paint with the desired color you wish and hope for!

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Signs of Spring!

After the cold and dreary skies of winter, spring is always so exciting in Tennessee. March and April have been a bit different this year. The rains of spring seem to be taking a break. This gives time for outdoor work!

That first project was  putting out 50 bags of mulch. Thank goodness that Lowes and Home Depot both had sales of $2 bags. My little Honda Accord was making several trips to pick up a trunk load at a time.

When I purchase the Boston ferns I truly feel as if warm weather is here! Again, I was thrifty and snagged several of these beauties when Home Depot ran a one day $5 sale. I don't think I've ever found them that cheap!

The hostas are beginning to spread their lovely shades of green. Grrr-what would spring be without dandelions? I see one that wanted to add a little color to my bed.

And I talked Mr. Spouse into a geranium basket instead of a lily at Easter. I would much rather enjoy this beauty all summer long!

Dogwoods are in full bloom! We have a few of these beauties that grew from seeds apparently as we didn't plant them! They are so, so pretty!

Even the front door is showcasing Spring's new life!

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Before and After Living Room

It is time to begin a Home Tour 2016. I thought I would give a little glimpse of how the living room has evolved over the past few years.

The walls were painted with SW Mindful Gray, the drapes were from JCPenney several years ago. I had made the pillows myself. Everything was shades of brown/gray/black--especially the area rug.

 The TV has been hung over the fireplace for a while and does offer great napping on the couch while watching.

The sofa table, end tables, and coffee tables were transformed from honey pine with General Finishes Java gel stain. Originally I purchased them from Ashley furniture.

It is interesting how the Mindful Gray changes in the different light from a definite gray to a more griedge.

And now to the after:

I wanted to lighten and brighten the room so the addition of several mirrors with ivory trims was a step in that direction.

Symmetry is always good but the dark bookcases flanking the fireplace became a black hole. Replacing them with two Target bookcases added a light addition for a little money.

Painting a lighter color is definitely an easy and inexpensive change. I had SW Agreeable Gray mixed at Home Depot in the Behr line. I love this paint and the color.

The paint on the left is Agreeable Gray and the right side is Mindful Gray. You can definitely see the undertones of red in Mindful.

New tables in the area administered the last update. The set came from Furniture Row and is the Plato line. I am not used to the additional storage in all the pieces. I think I will purchase some baskets from TJMaxx to house items that will look messy if just placed inside.

I am ready for Spring now. I have my eye on a white slipcovered sofa the next time I replace the sofa. But for now, I am satisfied!

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Taste of Summer

After the Christmas decor the simplicity of January seems a breath of fresh air. But...only for a little while. It seems to change to the dullness of a dreary and dirty snow covered lawn.

We had a big snowstorm that has seemed to linger for more than the actual week. Snow is still covering the shady spots. Tired of this!

It is pretty...for a little while.

But staying inside begins to take its toll.

A trip to Krogers was just what I needed to turn that wintry white into a little green.

Hydrangeas are my favorite. 

Just a welcome taste of summer on a wintry January Day!

What is your way to brighten the winter blues?

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