Sunday, October 25, 2015

Decisions, Decisions, Basically Indecision!

Sometimes the best thought out plans actually become nightmares! After living in the same house for 30 years it is inevitable that changes will be made. Mine have come in small steps, at different times and years, and with different expectations.

Fifteen years ago we updated out kitchen cabinets from a cheap builder grade to custom cabinets. At the time--you may have already anticipated this--but we chose oak. It was in style. It WAS beautiful. They are really nice, solid wood cabinets. There is no cheap particle board anywhere! But, now I have grown tired of the oak. Probably a part of the unhappiness is the negativity of having oak as a cabinet color. Pinterest is full of cabinet makeovers from that oak to painted cabinets. My favorite bloggers have recently proceeded in this very change.

This is my current kitchen before the change of the floor. Not a great picture--not even a good picture. But you can see the solid, custom cabinets with tile flooring and granite countertops.
The hardwood floors were extended from the open concept dining room and living room. Actually the only areas on this floor of the house that aren't the hardwood are the bathrooms. I love the hardwood in the kitchen. It is so much easier on my feet and it expanded the spaces.

So, I am stuck in INDECISION. I go back and forth--with lots of self-doubt. I love this kitchen. The granite appears to be similar to mine. The cabinets are a rich color and look awesome! The difference is the flooring is light.
And the other choice--WHITE. It looks so, so pretty with the darker flooring. I think if I decide to be this way I will need a warm white. Babbling Abby's kitchen:

Instagram photos have given me more ideas to stress about this decision of indecision:

When I saw this picture I thought it was mine! It is so similar. This island has been darkened but the other cabinets are about the same shade as the floor.

Same hardwood but white cabinets/gray island.

And a before:

To after:

Cara (Pearls, Handcuffs & Happy Hour) had her cabinets painted--love this!

All dark--but lighter floors. Same granite as mine!

 A great before/after--with the addition of subway tile to set if off nicely!

Dark with dark floors--wondering how much natural light the kitchen has.

So, my stress level increases the more I look on Pinterest, Instagram, blogs!

What can I do to make a decision and move forward?

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