Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coffee Day

Now I know there are lots of special days but it is only appropriate that coffee has its' own day too! 

What does it mean to me? I think I recognize coffee as a calming effect.
Got to have that "cup of joe" several times a day.

Thanks to Melonheadz graphics for this freebie!

Not so much that it has to be Starbucks--just the home brewed is fine with me.  Regular brew during the day and decaf after dinner. We drink a lot 
at our house! (coffee that is).

Babbling Abby posted this a while back and I'm not sure of the source--but it is my feeling exactly. Got to have that coffee. I certainly don't want to be known as a quitter!

The hunt for Rae Dunn clay products has kept me busy lately. The places where they are sold locally is at Marshalls and TJMaxx.  I live in a tri-city area which means a few drives around searching for another find.  If you are on Instagram you probably know that there are a LOT of others that are also searching. So--if one is found, consider yourself lucky. 

I added the canisters within the last week. Yesterday I actually saw several of the TEA canisters. I have NEVER found the coffee so I decided spent the added $$$ to buy via EBAY. (gulp) SHHHHH

I am sure I will find some others as I continue to drive, drive, drive around...

My first purchase was the creamer.

I think I will also add a Cookie one. I've seen this at several locations.

When I was in Florida last week there were many mugs and trays for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I didn't get any! Not one! Now the regret has sunk in.

Happy Coffee Day!

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Holding On...

to Summer. I really don't want to say so long to summer, warm weather, green grass, flowers blooming, birds singing...

We took an unexpected trip to Ft. Myers, Florida. My MIL lives there and was recently hospitalized. Mr. Spouse and I did get a quick drive to the beach for lunch pier side. A little beach music playing and warm ocean breezes offered a chance to reflect on the changes--not in the season but of the years passed. We have traveled many times to Florida with little kids in the back of the van. Now we travel with out schnauzer (he is actually a lot quieter than the kids were!). Now the trips are to take care of problems acquainted with aging parents.

Yes, we have aged too! How can that be?

We were given a chance to view a lily pond while stopped on I-75 due to a traffic accident. Cool view!

I will miss my flowers. The butterfly bush has attracted butterflies daily. I guess the Monarchs will be making their travel south if they haven't already done so. It was cool and rainy this morning (55). Walking the dog will require a jacket soon.

I am attempting to dry some of the colorful hydrangeas. So far...so good. I just clipped them off and placed them in the pitcher with no water. They seem to be drying just fine. For some reason my one hydrangea that puts out blooms is full of buds right now. I hope they can have the opportunity to give me several more blooms to dry.

To autumn...you're coming! My idea of not decorating for Fall will surely keep it from arriving doesn't seem to be working.

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