Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Kitchen Decision

After weighing the options between white kitchen cabinets or applying General Finishes gel stain and darkening my kitchen cabinets I decided the decision actually had already been made. Here I debated back and forth in my mind and knew that both would look beautiful. But the problem would have remained if I went with gel staining--my lack of light would be that much greater!

The next decision was how to go with the project of painting the cabinets. I thought about chalk paint. Some have done it with great success. But....I was afraid. Scared. Terrified. I was thinking I would ruin the cabinets and we would be in a complete mess!

It came down to hiring the project out. $$$. I am thrifty. I don't enjoy paying for a project if I think I can do it myself. But, my mother passed away in August. I was/am responsible for her estate. This meant I needed to go through all her possessions and pack, donate, store her things. I really didn't think I could take on the job of painting my own cabinets. (Good excuse--maybe)!

I found a contractor and he gave me a very reasonable estimate. Next, I had to pick out the color of white. Whew! There are so many colors/shades. I knew I didn't want a stark white-white. I wanted a warmer one. My contractor suggested SW Westhighland White. It proved to be the one I went with.

The original cabinets (version 2001) had gold handles and hinges. I wanted to pick up the colors in the granite so made the decision to use oil-rubbed bronze pulls, handles, and hinges. I ordered those on-line since neither Lowes or Home Depot carried the ones I wanted.

The doors were taken to the contractor's studio for prep. He would arrive daily to work on the cabinet boxes and island.  Yesterday he re-hung the doors and gave me my white kitchen.

 I do like the way the hinges, handles, and pulls really seems to be the jewelry!

I haven't had a chance to work on decorating and accessorizing. With Christmas in the works, I just placed a few things back and will play around with the decor after the first of the year.

The Ikea rod and World Market picture was a recent buy.

All in all, it has been a huge transformation! I have no regrets. I am trying to be very, very careful in order to let the paint cure. My contractor says it really takes about 2-4 weeks to harden. Now I am training Mr. Spouse in how to open and close the cabinetry using the handles and pulls. (We will see--stay tuned).

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