Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Little Office Update

Our home office really needed an update. It contained furniture that had been painted black, mixed in with some other old pieces. The home office is actually one of our bedrooms--the smallest one on the upper floor.

You can read all about the previous state of the "hot MESS" here!

The Before:
My home office has been disguised as a big hot mess! But this summer I have been in a decluttering state of mind. The office was so bad that I usually did all my work either in the recliner or at the dining room table. 
I attempted to paint the tall bookcase with Kilz primer but it ended up with a snakeskin effect. (Not what I was looking for at all!) I decided to order a tall white bookcase and a longer bookcase from Target. With the RedCard there is free shipping.
This was my inspiration for a desk.
I decided to recycle my old desk instead and painted it with a white enamel. 

The tall bookcase is from Target.

As is the long bookcase (not styled yet).

Mr. Spouse loves flying so I added some prints of airplanes around the room.

I needed space for file folders in an attempt to become a bit more organized!
I ordered two of these from Ikea. I was even successful at assembling these (however I wish they would use some words with the picture directions).

I also found a little metal storage for pencils and a larger area for my Ipad.

This might or might not be the "other side of the room". All set for flying in case you were wondering! I understand there also is an issue with cord arrangement!

All in all, I am much happier with the updates. I have to admit that using the white furniture has made a small room appear larger.

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