Wednesday, July 6, 2016

DIY Chalk Paint Project

When the need arises, making my own chalk paint became a priority. Recently the kitchen update began with hiring out painting the oak cabinets to white. The contractor used SW paint in West Highland--a creamy white. I blogged about that project here.

I decided to change the color of the side board from Annie Sloan graphite to the same creamy white.

The dark cabinet did make the white pottery and dishes pop. However, I am on a white and light kick!

The first purchase I made was Annie Sloan pure white--I was sure that it would do much better than Old World White that I had used. 

It was quickly apparent that Pure White is pure white. No cream involved! 

I already had a quart of Behr paint mixed in SW West Highland. Several months ago I had purchased Calcium Carbonate (powder form) from Amazon. I was too scared to try it out! Sure, I had read it was much cheaper to make chalk paint. With the realization that I had the materials to possibly attempt the correct match I googled and watched several YouTube videos. It looked easy. And it was. I quickly made enough to put on a first coat of West Highland chalk paint.

I did need to purchase another quart of Behr flat paint because I had used most of the quart before this latest project. It was $14. Yes, $14 for a quart. And I mixed two cups of paint with a couple of tablespoons of the calcium carbonate with WARM water. I think I was apprehensive because I envisioned lumps. There were none. I mixed the water and calcium carbonates and stirred with a paint stick. I poured it in the two cups of paint and stirred again. Probably a minute of work!

The only difference I did use is that I topcoated with General Finishes satin top coat rather than waxing. I figured if this was a project gone bad or worse--it would be easier to try something else if I didn't apply wax.

I can't say enough about mixing chalk paint with the desired color you wish and hope for!

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