Monday, April 18, 2016

Signs of Spring!

After the cold and dreary skies of winter, spring is always so exciting in Tennessee. March and April have been a bit different this year. The rains of spring seem to be taking a break. This gives time for outdoor work!

That first project was  putting out 50 bags of mulch. Thank goodness that Lowes and Home Depot both had sales of $2 bags. My little Honda Accord was making several trips to pick up a trunk load at a time.

When I purchase the Boston ferns I truly feel as if warm weather is here! Again, I was thrifty and snagged several of these beauties when Home Depot ran a one day $5 sale. I don't think I've ever found them that cheap!

The hostas are beginning to spread their lovely shades of green. Grrr-what would spring be without dandelions? I see one that wanted to add a little color to my bed.

And I talked Mr. Spouse into a geranium basket instead of a lily at Easter. I would much rather enjoy this beauty all summer long!

Dogwoods are in full bloom! We have a few of these beauties that grew from seeds apparently as we didn't plant them! They are so, so pretty!

Even the front door is showcasing Spring's new life!

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