Saturday, August 23, 2014

The "Mystery" Wall

We always wondered. Why the builder used a really, teeny, tiny linen closet area in the bathroom?

Sure, it is adjacent to the main bathroom's bathtub and would share pipes but really--does it need that much space?

When we decided to have our teeny, tiny shower removed and the teeny, tiny linen area removed to make room for a normal sized shower we first had the contractor look at the issue. He called in his plumber. They both decided it was probably "dead space" but we wouldn't really know until demolition day.

It arrived. And...

Do you see any major plumbing pipes--gigantic pipes--humongous in nature that would have deterred a regular linen closet? One that would have gone from floor to ceiling? No. The only thing that was found was:
Two empty soft drink cans from 1979. I don't think they are the culprit. 

But...on to demolition. We are now waiting for the plumber to move the pipes and drain so that the tile can begin.

This is my choices in tile:  (Excuse my feet). The long skinny rectangle is only a small version of the 12 x 12 tile that will be the shower walls. The bling will be the mosaic tiles --cut in 4 inch strips. And of course, the small squares are the floor. 

Waiting is tough! Come on, plumber!

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