Tuesday, September 9, 2014

$25 Makeover

Gotta change something! (Sounds like a song...maybe). 
This is the way before:
Honey pine sofa table, two lamps, mirror, and various "stuff".

Second change was painting all that honey pine with first paint and then General Finishes Java Stain. Big improvement. But still the mirror over the table, lamps, and various items.

Time for that mirror to leave! I happened to find some very inexpensive pictures at TJMaxx. 

 The two similar ones were $9.95 and the Journey was $4.99. Can't beat that price and the dark frames were just what I was looking for. It's hard to tell from the pictures but they really don't look "cheap". 

So I made a type of gallery wall to go above the table and to replace the mirror. 

I think the colors will work really well when I add the fall decor to the room. I did grab a silk flower on closeout at Michaels and placed it in one of the white pitchers I collect. 

The pheasant feathers and berries are an added touch.

Yes, I am glad to see something besides my reflection in the mirror.

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