Friday, September 5, 2014

Shower progress

We are making progress! If you read this post, I left at the beginning. Since then, the plumber came and moved pipes. I realize this isn't an exciting event and the pictures are boring. But certainly this step is necessary in order to have a larger one.

After the plumber finished moving the pipes it was time for the next phase--adding the tile. 

The tile had to dry overnight so on to day 4: the grout process. Day 5 was the plumber returning to reconnect the shower head and faucets.

And finally--we have a shower! Day 6 the tile guy returned to install the shower door and caulk around it.

I am still working on redecorating the rest of the room. I want to replace the light, add decor, towels, and figure out a place to place towels since we lost our teeny, tiny linen closet.

All in all, our bathroom looks like it has gained several square feet!

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