Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mixed up seasons?

It is October in Tennessee. I know we are considered a southern state but it gets cold here. We have four seasons.

Now that it is October (duh) the trees are turning, leaves are beginning to fall, and the   growing season is ending. My hydrangeas must not know this. 

I have waited all summer for blooms. Usually by June I am cutting the blossoms for glorious flowers to enjoy indoors. By September I am cutting and drying blossoms to keep. Not. this. year.
Nada a bloom. Lots of growth--just no blossoms. Until now. October. Frost is coming soon.

This is what I see now:

Blooms--oh so tiny. Not just one. Several.
But, will they have time?

I have my doubts. 

Should I tell them they have waited a little too long to put on their show?

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